After-Sales Service

Hongyan Electric product quality and after-sales service
commitment letter

First, in order to continuously enhance the reputation and influence of the Hongyan Electric brand, we make the following commitments to our customers for the products of Hongyan Electric:

We guarantee that all the products we provide have the official legal right to use in China;

Each component of the product adopts high-quality components at home and abroad to ensure the service life of the product;

Products are manufactured and accepted in strict accordance with relevant national standards and industry or enterprise standards;

The production of products is strictly carried out in accordance with the ISO9001 quality system certification procedures and complies with various standards stipulated by the state;

The company pays attention to every quality detail in the production process and guarantees a perfect after-sales service system.

Second, in order to better serve customers. For after-sales service, we make the following commitments:

A full-time project manager, responsible for coordinating the work of both parties, such as project progress, design and manufacturing, drawing documents, manufacturing confirmation, packaging and transportation, etc.

Specialized technical workers are responsible for on-site compensation and debugging 3. Provide complete product technical data support, and product debugging data will be provided after our technicians complete the debugging;

According to the needs of customers, we are responsible for free training of 1 technician, so that they can master the performance characteristics of the product and have independent operation and maintenance capabilities;

The product quality implements "Three Guarantees", and the deadline is December when the product is officially put into operation. During the warranty period, if the equipment is damaged not caused by the customer, our company will replace the spare parts of the same model free of charge; after the warranty period, if there is a quality problem with the equipment, we will provide life-long maintenance for the product, including free maintenance within one year; at the same time, our company Corresponding spare parts or maintenance services will be provided at cost price;

Provide excellent technical support and fast after-sales service procedures. For product debugging and maintenance, we will respond within 24 hours of receiving the customer's written documents. Depending on the traffic situation, technical specialists will arrive at the scene within 48 hours to troubleshoot in the shortest possible time.